North Weald Bassett Parish Council – Tree Planting Project

North Weald Bassett Parish Council has been working closely with Essex County Council’s Senior Forestry and Woodland Officer to create a new Woodland area at Weald Common.

Over 2400 trees have now been planted on the field adjacent to the Weald Common access road. Native species such as willow, poplar, hazel, alder, hawthorn, sweet chestnut and oak have been sourced. The area has been divided into 3 planting compartments with specific species chosen for each compartment to ensure that they are planted in the right place for the conditions. It is hoped that the new woodland will enhance the biodiversity in this important location.

The well-trodden pathways that cross the field have been used as a planting guide and continue to allow access for walkers.

The Parish Council was keen to involve St Andrew’s Primary School Community with this exciting project and, following a meeting with Deputy Headteacher Benjamin Sharp, the school’s Eco-Warrior Group were invited to get involved with the final planting of 40 trees.

Picture of Children from St Andrews school planting trees at Weald CommonPicture of children from St Andrews School planting trees at Weald Common

The Eco-Warriors visited Weald Common on Monday, 9th January to plant a selection of different whips under the guidance of the Parish Council’s contractors.

Parish Council Chairman, Councillor Alan Buckley, thanked the group for their help and said that they were helping to create a lasting legacy for future generations. He said that he hoped the children would enjoy seeing the trees grow over the coming months and years.

Deputy Headteacher Benjamin Sharp said: “It was great to see the children so excited to go and tell other children about the project when they got back to school and to hear the children discussing how they can watch the trees grow over many years to come. The project is going to bring so much to these children and I’m sure their families in the future”.

The Parish Council intends to install a plaque to mark the location where the children have planted the trees.

We were also lucky enough to received a very kind donation of 7 oak saplings from a local resident, Roger Anthony, for the council’s tree planting project at Weald Common. The saplings had grown in Mr Anthony’s garden from an old oak tree, which is believed to have once stood in the grounds of Bluemans Farm.  The Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor Alan Buckley, invited Mr Anthony to join him in selecting specific locations in the new Woodland area in which to plant the saplings.  Roger Oak Trees

Further enhancements to the project will be taking place over the next few months and the Parish Council hope to enlist additional help from the Eco-Warriors.