The Environmental Committee normally meet once every two months, dependent on need.  The public and the press are invited to attend these meetings.  NOTE:  All minutes are draft until they are formally approved at the following meeting.

Agendas & Minutes

18 March 2024 [agenda] [minutes]

24 January 2024 [agenda] [minutes]

22nd June 2023 [agenda] [minutes] - SUPP AGENDA

26th October 2022 [agenda] [minutes]

23rd February 2022 [agenda] [minutes] - HELD ON MONDAY 28TH FEBRUARY

30 November 2021 [agenda] [minutes] - RESCHEDULED FROM 17 NOVEMBER.

19 July 2021 [agenda] [minutes]

22 February 2021 [agenda] [minutes]

19 October 2020 [agenda] [minutes] 

13th July 2020 [agenda] [minutes]

25th September 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

19th June 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

27th February 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

26th September 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

20th June 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

21st February 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

18th October 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

14th June 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

18th January 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

9th November 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

21st September 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

1st June 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

3rd February 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

7th October 2015 [agenda] [minutes]

17th June 2015 [agenda] [minutes]

18th March 2015 [agenda] [minutes] 

21st January 2015 [agenda] [minutes]

29th October 2014 [agenda] [minutes]

25th June 2014 [agenda] [minutes] (was previously 11th June but postponed)

17th March 2014 [agenda] [minutes]

6th December 2013 [agenda] [minutes]

20th September 2013 [agenda] [minutes]

5th July 2013 [agenda] [minutes]