The Environmental Committee normally meet once every two months, dependent on need.  Meetings are usually held at 10am in North Weald Library, 138 High Road, North Weald, however please check the relevant agenda for actual timings as these do differ.   The public and the press are invited to attend these meetings.  NOTE:  All minutes are draft until they are formally approved at the following meeting.

Agendas & Minutes

25th September 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

19th June 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

27th February 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

26th September 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

20th June 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

21st February 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

18th October 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

14th June 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

18th January 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

9th November 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

21st September 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

1st June 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

3rd February 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

7th October 2015 [agenda] [minutes]

17th June 2015 [agenda] [minutes]

18th March 2015 [agenda] [minutes] 

21st January 2015 [agenda] [minutes]

29th October 2014 [agenda] [minutes]

25th June 2014 [agenda] [minutes] (was previously 11th June but postponed)

17th March 2014 [agenda] [minutes]

6th December 2013 [agenda] [minutes]

20th September 2013 [agenda] [minutes]

5th July 2013 [agenda] [minutes]