The Annual Parish Assembly is an opportunity for the electorate to meet, and to raise any issues or concerns with the Parish Council.  It is also an opportunity to be updated on the activities of the Parish Council for the previous 12 months, to meet with Councillors, and for awards to given to residents and groups in the community who have made a difference.   Meeting usually start at 7pm, and are held in the Thornwood Common Parish Hall, Weald Hall Lane, Thornwood, CM16 6NB.  Members of the public and press and invited to attend.

22nd April 2024 [agenda] [minutes]

16th March 2023 [agenda] [minutes]

4th April 2022 - [agenda] [minutes]

2021 Meeting Cancelled due to COVID

23rd March 2020 -  Meeting Cancelled due to COVID

25th March 2019 [agenda] [SUPPagenda]

26th March 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

20th March 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

21st March 2016 [agenda] [minutes]

23rd March 2015 [agenda] [minutes]