All Parish Council meetings will be held at the Thornwood Common Parish Hall, Weald Hall Lane, Thornwood.  The public and press are invited to attend meetings, however attendance may be restricted based on the number of attendees to ensure compliance with COVID secure measures.

Agendas & Minutes


4 October [agenda] [minutes] - NOTE: START TIME 7PM

6 September [agenda] [minutes]

5 July [agenda] [minutes]

10 May [agenda] [minutes]

26 April [agenda] [minutes] - (original meeting 12th April was POSTPONED)

1 March [agenda] [minutes] 

1 February [agenda] [minutes] 

11 January [agenda] [minutes]  


7 December [agenda] [minutes] - SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA 

2 November [agenda] [minutes] 

5 October [agenda] [minutes] - SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA

7 September [agenda] [minutes] 

6 July - [agenda] [minutes] 

1 June - [agenda] [minutes]

4 May - [agenda] [minutes]


2 March [agenda] [minutes]

3 February [agenda] [minutes]

13 January [agenda] [minutes]


2 December [agenda] [minutes]

4 November [agenda] [minutes] - SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA  

7 October [agenda] [minutes]

2 September [agenda] [minutes]

1 July [agenda] [minutes]

3 June [agenda] [minutes]

13 May [agenda] [minutes]

1 April [agenda] [minutes]

4 March [agenda] [minutes]

4 February [agenda] [minutes] - MEETING NOT HELD AS NOT QUORAT - content moved forward to 4th March meeting

7 January [agenda] [minutes]


3 December [agenda] [minutes]

5 November [agenda] [minutes] 

1 October [agenda] [minutes]

3 September [agenda] [minutes]

20 August [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

16 July [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

2 July [agenda] [minutes]

4 June [agenda] [minutes]

8 May [agenda] [minutes]

9 April [agenda] [minutes]

5 March [agenda] [minutes]

5 February [agenda] [minutes]

22 January [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING REF LOCAL PLAN

8 January [agenda] [minutes]


4 December [agenda] [minutes]

6 November [agenda] [minutes]

5 October [agenda] [minutes]

4 September [agenda] [minutes]

3 July [agenda] [minutes]

5 June [agenda] [minutes]

8 May [agenda] [minutes] - Annual Meeting of Parish Council

3 April [agenda] [minutes]

6 March [agenda] [minutes]

6 February [agenda] [minutes]


5 December [agenda] [minutes]

7 November [agenda] [minutes]

3 October [agenda] [minutes]

29 September [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

5 September [agenda] [minutes]

4 July [agenda] [minutes]

6 June [agenda] [minutes]

9 May [agenda] [minutes]

18th April [agenda] [minutes] EX ORD

4th April [agenda] [minutes]

7th March [agenda] [minutes]

1st February [agenda] [minutes]

4th January [agenda] [minutes]


7 December [agenda] [minutes]

2 November [agenda] [minutes]

5 October [agenda] [minutes]

7 September [agenda] [minutes]

3 August [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING - NOTE: 6.45pm start time for this meeting

20th July [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

6 July [agenda] [minutes]

22 June [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

8 June [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

1 June [agenda] [minutes]

11 May [agenda] [minutes]

27 April [agenda] [minutes]

13 April [agenda] [minutes]

16th March [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

3rd March [agenda] [minutes]

2nd February [agenda] [minutes]

5th January [agenda] [minutes]


1 December [agenda] [minutes]

3 November [agenda] [minutes]

6 October [agenda] [minutes]

15 September [agenda] [miniutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

1 September [agenda] [minutes]

18th August [agenda] [minutes] EXTRAORDINARY MEETING

8th July [agenda] [minutes]

2nd June [agenda] [minutes]

12th May [agenda] [minutes]

7th April [agenda] [minutes]

3rd March [agenda] [minutes]

3rd February [agenda] [minutes]



2nd December [agenda] [minutes]

4th November [agenda] [minutes]

7th October [agenda] [minutes]

2nd September [agenda] [minutes]

1st July [agenda] [minutes]

3rd June [agenda] [minutes]

13th May [agenda] [minutes]


Copies of Agendas and Minutes prior to 2013 can be obtained by contacting the Parish Council at or by calling 01992 523825.