The Airfield was established as a military airbase during the First World War. It continued to be used as a military base between the wars and was an important Royal Air Force base in the Second World War.

The airfield gained prominence during this time as an important base in the air defence of the United Kingdom.

The development of fighter aircraft after the Second World War, in particular the advent of the ‘Jet’ age, meant that the facilities required could not be provided at North Weald.

The Royal Air Force withdrew from active use of the airfield in the 1950′s and the airfield became surplus to Ministry of Defence (MoD) operational requirements in the 1970′s, however the Airfield is still extremely active and is an important and historic feature within the Parish.

The Airfield is managed and owned by Epping Forest District Council. The Parish Council has no jurisdiction over how the airfield is managed or its future, however we are committed to fight for its continued survival as an airfield for our future generations.

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