The Finance and General Purposes Committee normally meet in December each year to review the Budget / Precept for the following year. Additional meetings may also take place dependent on need. The public and the press are invited to attend these meetings. 

Agendas & Minutes

18th December 2023 [agenda] [minutes] - POSTPONED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER - The Budget/precept for 2023/2024 was agreed at the January 2024 Parish Council meeting.

12th December 2022 [agenda] [minutes]

6th December 2021 [agenda] [minutes]

21st December 2020 [agenda] [minutes] 

16th December 2019 [agenda] [minutes]

17th December 2018 [agenda] [minutes]

18th December 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

16th January 2017 [agenda] [minutes]

21st December 2015 [agenda] [minutes]


17th November 2014 [agenda] [minutes]

6th January 2014 [agenda] [minutes]

18th November 2013 [agenda] [minutes]

21st November 2012 [agenda] [minutes]